Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is located at level 6. Generally known as a special department which cater patients with severe life threatening, illnesses and injuries which requires constant care, close monitoring and support from high-tech equipment and treatment. Staffing for ICU are one nurse to one critical patient. We provide timely access to high quality care in a safe and comfortable environment.

All staff member of ICU work together as a team to manage patient’s care. Staffs are highly skilled and post basic qualified. Patient will be monitor by intensivist, who is board certified physician to provides special care for critically ill patient.

Furthermore, MSUMC ICU dedicate 1 special bed for Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). Acute renal failure is common complication in ICU, with technological advances in the delivery of CRRT for critically ill patients.

Patients parameters will be monitor continuously to ensure patients are haemodynamically stable before being transfered to our normal wards. 

Intensive Care Unit (ICU): Level 6