Day Care Centre

Our dedicated surgical day care unit executes surgery and diagnostic procedures for every patient of all ages. Armed with 8 beds of open ward, 4 recovery bay, 5 procedure rooms, 2 hyperbaric oxygen chamber rooms and complete facilities. We aim to minimize the interruption in patient’s life and to offer patients the chance to recuperate in the privacy of your own home. This will encourage early recovery and mobilization in a home environment with their family. Reduce cost of surgery, waiting time for surgery and reduce hospital-acquired infection.

For many minor surgeries and procedures, patients can avoid overnight hospitalisation. However, you will be admitted in our day care suite on the same day once your surgery or treatment is completed. You bill be observed and being taken care by our qualified nurses to ensure you receive the care, support and recovery process you need.

Minor Surgeries and Prodedures undertaken here in our specialist hospital includes:

Day Surgery Centre: Level 5