Admission & Discharge


Our pre-admission sessions are designed to ensure that patients to be admitted to our hospital are fully prepared and informed about their upcoming hospital stay. These sessions allow patients to discuss with our care team, raise any question and concerns about the procedures and the possible outcomes of your treatment.


Please arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled treatment and check in at our admission counter as soon as you arrive at the hospital entrance. This will allow our dedicated hospital staff to provide you with any remaining paperwork required, as well as for them to guide you through the important stages of your hospital stay. It is also important that you act according to the medical guidelines provided on your admission letter so that we can proceed with your treatment once your admission process is completed.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free admission process, please ensure you bring along the following documents to the hospital on the admission day.

Without the presentation of an appropriate identification document during the admission process, we will not be able to perform any surgical treatment.

• Things to bring when warded:

For safety reasons, we request you not to bring valuable items such as your personal jewellery, credit cards, large amounts of money and other valuable items at home. MSU Medical Centre will not be responsible for any of losses and damages to your personal properties occurred around the hospital compound.

• Your Stay With Us

Once you have completed our admission process, you will be issued an identification wristband. The wristband consists information for easy identification by our nurses. You're required to wear it at all times while you are staying with us.

Patients or their carers will get to choose their daily meals. Please note that we only provide you meals that are prepared and checked by a dietitian. This is to ensure that you are offered meal choices that meet your nutritional requirements, food preferences and availability that could help you with your treatment and recovery. 

Should you require an assistance by our staff while staying with us, a call bell can be found next to your bed for you to alert them at any times. ​​​​​​​

Smoking tobacco or any electronic cigarettes are prohibited at all times throughout the hospital premises. 


Prior to your time of discharge, our consultants will discuss the outcomes of your completed treatment. This includes going through any tests results and explaining to you the after-care stages. Once the consultants confirm you are fit and medically able to leave, you are free to be discharged.

It is important that you ensure a member of your family or your friend is able to come and bring you home after being discharged.

Before you leave, please be sure that you:

Admission & Discharge – Level 3

Discharge order – Complete payment at level 3

Pick up medication – Pharmacy at level 3